About us

Street Monkey Architects is a Stockholm-based architecture studio dedicated to designing stimulating, social and ecologically-balanced habitats for humans. We are located at Åsögatan 186 on Södermalm.

About the name: When I first moved to Stockholm, I trained in Parkour. It was an amazing way in which to get to know the city and a fascinating perspective from which to see the city. We trained like monkeys, running, crawling and jumping everywhere from the city center to the suburbs. I learned to love Stockholm in this way and I also saw people using the city in different ways.

I began to think, “if we see ourselves as animals, without all the trappings of culture and with primal needs for stimulation, movement, light and air, then maybe we can design in a more free and robust way and if we see ourselves as animals, then maybe our dependency on the planet is closer and we can design in that space as well.”

Maybe we are just monkeys, monkeys of the street. Monkeys of the street who happen to be architects.  /Cage

About the company: In 2010, Cage completed a Doctorate of Architecture from the University of Hawaii. In addition to the University of Hawaii, he studied urban design at DIS in Copenhagen and has a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Before moving to Hawaii he worked as a set decorator and interior designer in San Fransisco.

The last two years of the UH Doctorate program were spent in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. It was in this collaboration with KTH that Cage began exploring the process of designing prefabricated modular passive buildings. During this time, he met Ingrid Westman and from this collaboration grew two companies: Friendly Building – to build modular passive buildings and Street Monkey Architects – to design them.

Since that time, SMA has expanded its client base we are collaborating with other architects, builders and developers in addition to Friendly Building. We now have ongoing projects for schools and housing designed in wood, concrete and steel.


  • Alberto

  • Cage

    Principal Architect SAR/MSA
  • Giuseppe

  • Ingrid

    Friendly Building
For work and internship inquiries please contact info@streetmonkey.se